Dreading Monday? Get Over It. Here's How!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Mondays are always manic for most of us, obviously because we're coming from the weekend. I understand that and I'm definitely with you in that ordeal. I do know a few people who love Mondays and I myself have slowly incorporated Mondays into my lifestyle. After all, it's not Monday's fault.

What more if it's Rainy Days & Mondays? It does get me down! It makes me want to hide underneath my covers and sleep the entire day.

Accept it. We can't avoid Mondays, unless you don't have to work on a Monday, lucky you! Back in college, we had a 4-day work week so I didn't have classes on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. How perfect is that? Except for the first semester of senior year when I had no choice but to enroll in a Statistics Laboratory class with 6am-8am schedule!!! For one whole semester!!! On a Monday! 

In my case now, I don't start the work week until Monday night so I practically have the entire Monday morning and afternoon to prepare and get ready for work. But Monday! Monday can mean a whole new world! Heavier traffic. The most corporate work attire. Deadliest dead lines. Lack of decent sleep (because, weekend).

Truth be told, I have learned to love Mondays. It started because I felt I didn't really have a choice. But then again, I hate saying that I don't have a choice! How can Monday restrict me from having my own choice? No way!

Here are some things I'm doing to get over the Monday sickness. These may not apply to all but if you like, you can try. Doesn't hurt!

1. Mindset. Mindset. Mindset

They say that the only difference between a good and a bad day is your attitude. I agree. It's simple enough to understand. If you let your negative mindset control your feelings, you tend get to lazy on a Monday.

Sometimes, even when it isn't Monday yet, we're already blaming Monday for approaching so fast. You can turn your perspectives around! Set your mind and let Monday be a chance to start a brand new week and correct whatever mistakes you had the week before.

2. Schedule an exciting activity on a Monday.

To break the Monday curse, why not schedule your favorite activity on a Monday? Perhaps that will get you more excited to start the week right. You can make Monday your Ice Cream Day, your Hang Out with the Besties Day, or maybe your Work Out Day. You choose!

3. Remind yourself of your goals.

Whether it's a big or a small goal, you have to start working on it, right? When you are frequently reminded of why you're working, why you're living, why you're waking up each day, it makes you celebrate the start of the week and do your best to make things right.

4. Post "good vibes" Monday notes around the house.

Write or scribble your "good vibes" notes on post-its then post it on your desk, door, wall, journal, bathroom mirror - name it! Spread the Monday love and pretty soon, your Monday sickness will fade away.

5. Prepare your stuff the night before.

It's easy to doze off on a Sunday night while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. The thing is, when you don't prepare your stuff at least a day before Monday, that's when you start to panic especially when you have to be up early.

In my case, I have the whole Monday morning to prepare. If you're working during the day, you've got to prepare everything the night before to give you peace of mind the next day. Yep whether it's for you, for the husband, or for the kids.

So are you ready to beat the Monday sickness? We're all in this together so you've got to try! Otherwise, you'll be stuck in life's unending deferral! Good luck friend, you can make it happen!

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