How To Make Your Day Extraordinary

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I am feeling inspired today. I grabbed my previous Belle de Jour power planner, and looked for something to share with you all. It's really a simple thing, but I think it can make such a great difference. When you feel that the world has turned its back on you? Give yourself a moment to reflect and make your ordinary day extraordinary. 

Here's how.

1. Leave small but meaningful notes. 

I live for post-its and colorful notes. I'm addicted to anything nice and cool to write or scribble on. Wouldn't it make another person's day a little brighter if you leave them a happy note?

Leave a note to your significant other before you leave for work. Leave an inspiring note to your colleague at work before you go home. To your classmate, teacher, friend, or anyone! You can even leave an anonymous note if you like. Just make sure it's a happy note! :) 

2. Smile at a stranger! 

It may seem awkward or whatever you think it is but I actually smile at strangers often. It gives me a sense of community.. that even when I don't know them, I know that we're living  in the same world (literally) even though maybe we're living two different worlds too (figuratively).

3. Give yourself a treat. 

Have you been working hard all week? You deserve to treat and pamper yourself. It doesn't have to be expensive. It can be as simple as buying yourself your favorite food or drink! Or to make it a little different, add something extra or try a new ice cream flavor if you want. It's your day! Give yourself permission to be happy.

4. Quit complaining. 

So you probably ask "doesn't she ever complain at all?" The truth is, I do. I do too. Because I'm also human and it's so easy to just complain and not do anything. I don't give in to that excuse though.

The thing is.. when I feel like I'm starting to complain again, I do my best to stop it before it even gets worse.. before it even gets into my nerves. Complaining and whining without doing anything - 2 things that never helped me in my life. 

5. Make time for your passion. 

What's your passion? Mine is writing and blogging, reading, and taking snapshots of people and places. Maybe you want to brush up on some of your skills or do a hobby you haven't had time doing because you're too busy? How about that book you've been dying to read?

I'm sure that if you do something you love, your day will become even better and brighter. Your turn! How do you make your simple day extraordinary?

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