How To Unleash The Superwoman In You

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Everyone goes through a bad day or even a bad week once in a while. If you're like me who's trying to juggle all things at the same time, oftentimes you get drained by the time your week ends. 

Okay, the idea of a superwoman may be too ideal but don't fret my friends! As cliche as it may sound, nobody's perfect. Even a superwoman is not perfect! The good news is there are things we can do to make things better for us everyday. Right? Right?

Now, I'm saying all these because this month is one helluvah rollercoaster ride for me and at one point, I just wanted to break down and cry. But then I remembered my invisible cape! Haha! And I told myself, I've gotta wake up, dress up, show up, and unleash the superwoman in me!

Here's how. 

1. Just do it. 

We always say that before doing something, it would be much better if we think about it a million times first before doing it. Well, that's true. But for your daily tasks, I don't think you need to think about them a lot. If it's something you need to do, then waste no time. Just do it! Don't think about thinking not to do it.

Over thinking is a tedious thing to do. Need to go to work? Do it. Need to wash the dishes? Don't think about how tiring it is. Just do it. The report your boss is asking you to finish? If it's your job, then do it. Before you know it, you're done for the day. 

Don't worry, tomorrow is another day. You don't have to do everything in one day. If you do, then maybe you're procrastinating or cramming, or overworking? :)

2. Take short breaks within the day. 

No matter how big and important your tasks are for the day, I still think that it's crucial for you to take a break. Short and quick breaks within the day will do. Go out of your office and take a short walk. Breathe and relax.

I usually make it a point to see green trees and plants. They make my nerves relax. Imagine when you're working all day facing the computer in a room with only white walls surrounding it? I'll go crazy! 

3. Look good to feel good. 

Whether you're working at home or in the office, it always feels good to be dressed and groomed properly. Even when I'm home and working on my computer, I feel that before I start the day, I should have already taken a bath, brushed my teeth, and dressed appropriately and comfortably. 

When I'm home, I don't put much effort but when I enter the corporate world (meaning my real corporate job), I take just enough time to dress up appropriately for work and wear work-appropriate makeup.

Look at your makeup stash. Do you have everything you need? And by "need" I actually mean those products you are comfortable putting on your face and your skin. My routine includes facial wash, moisturizer, BB cream, light cheek blush, and a red lipstick - some of my super weapons

I usually purchase boutique products or online products. You don't have to spend too much for simple makeups.

4. Stay excited. Look forward to something every week! 

A new hobby? New hang-out place? Coffee chat with best friends? Or maybe Sunday date with the kids? 

5. Let go. Let love. 

For me, a true superwoman is someone who knows how to let go of things that can't and won't help her current situation. Let go of worrying too much, and complaining without doing something. Let go of negative vibes, and do your best to forgive -- others and yourself, when needed.

It may be easier said than done but believe me, it's worth a million tries! Again, we may be far from perfect but just by being compassionate and positive, we become true superwomen, maybe not in the eyes of the entire world but in the eyes of the people we truly love and love us. ♥

What do you think?

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