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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kryz Uy

A pair of jeans is the only staple clothing in my wardrobe. It's the only thing that stands the test of time. Whenever I go out, I always dress comfortably and I love wearing jeans because it can be paired with just about anything. You can go from laid back to formal in an instant when you have the right accessories. 

Nope, I'm not a fashion or style blogger. I just abide by my own rules when it comes to fashion, and occasionally, I get inspirations from my favorite bloggers so when I got the chance to attend a denim style talk with Kryz Uy at SM Seaside, I was thrilled! I've been following Kryz's blog, vlog, and social media accounts for many years now because I like her style, and she's pretty and witty too - plus I'm inspired by her travel stories and photos. 

Denim Style Lab with Kryz Uy

She's younger than I am, but I think her fresh take on fashion is what I like. I don't necessarily wear what she wears but I like having ideas that are fit for my lifestyle. As she said during the short interview, her style is usually effortless but put together. It makes so much sense. I think my style is very effortless too, but not always put together. Haha! ;) 

Denim Style Lab with Kryz Uy
*By the way, that's my friend Ana interviewing Kryz. She was my co-trainer back in the days. Yay! 

I really just keep it simple for usual errands and stroll around the city. I wear a shirt, jeans, and sneakers. That's it. I only dress up when there's a dress code or when the situation calls for it. But I guess that's the best part of dressing up - we really create our own rules. We can be adventurous, or simple. Fashion is a way for us to express ourselves. Right? 

During the talk, Kryz gave some ideas on how she'd wear the denim pieces displayed on stage. She also gamely answered some questions from the audience. One of the things that people need to remember is that denim is not just jeans. It's actually a sturdy cotton fabric, typically blue, that's used for jeans, overalls, and other clothing.

In my case, I'm always fond of looking up or bookmarking style inspirations online, and I usually save photos. Here are some of the styles I can see myself wearing. ;) I love tattered jeans! And I have found a new appreciation for denim jackets. I have one that my mom gave me, and I think I might be wearing it soon. 

*All photos are from Unsplash

That's about it for now. Which one do you think will you most likely wear? ;) 

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