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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Being a work at home mom plus living an hour away from the city, I rarely go out just for the heck of it. Most of the time, when I go downtown, I make sure there's a relevant reason because braving Cebu traffic is no joke. But when I got an invite to visit and try the services of Mega Therapeutic & Wellness Center, I didn't hesitate. 

For one, this motherblogger needs a time alone for herself. Yup, I need that! Coming from my town in Minglanilla, it was quite a journey because the branch I was visiting was located in Mandaue City. That means I'd have to cross two cities to get to Mandaue. But good thing, they also have a branch at Rivergate in General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City, ya know for future visits. 

Although my trip was long, it was an easy one because there's always SM MyBus. Weeee! The location was also easy to find. It was just in Tipolo, at the 2nd Floor of Arcada 5 Bldg.         

My blogger friends and I were greeted with friendly and accommodating faces so it was a good start. I was surprised to see that they offer really affordable packages! As in really affordable! And the good thing is they don't skimp or do shortcuts just because of that. 

Okay, I would have wanted to try everything. Haha. But I chose #16 which is Body Massage + Deep Cleansing Facial. I only got to take photos of the lobby though, but you can check this for a quick video tour of the place -> MegaTherapeutic Video Tour

I had a Swedish full body massage for an hour, and I have to say it was worth it. More than ever, I needed body massage because I'm always in front of the computer, and I don't always get to stretch. Sheesh. The therapist was also very kind and gentle. 

After the body massage, I moved to Deep Facial Cleansing. Actually, if there's an opportunity to cleanse my face, I'd do it. LOL! Because I feel like there's so much dust in the world, and it accumulates so fast. A facial cleansing would do wonders! And it did. I also liked that my face didn't really look so red after the session. 

*Well, this was my Before Face photo. LOL. I didn't have an AFTER the session photo. 

After the session, they even offered water or tea. I took the ginger tea. It was the first time I tried ginger tea and it was surprisingly good! 

Here's a quick tour of the lobby. 

Overall, it was a great experience! It was indeed luxuriously affordable. I'd definitely be back for the Radio Frequency and Lipo Cavitation. ;) 


Mega Therapeutic & Wellness Center
1) Arcada 5 Bldg, Tipolo, Mandaue City
Phone: (032) 254 4765

2) Rivergate Complex, Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City
Phone: (032) 383-2564; 09224105169

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