Six Super Weapons of A Working Mom

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Are you a working mom? Put your hands or feet up! I know how challenging it is to be a mom whether you're working/staying at home, or working in the corporate world. I've been in both situations, and that's why most, if not all, of us have our super weapons to stay sane!

We all have different super weapons or things that just make us feel confident or empowered. Here are my top 6. 

1. Signature red lipstick

You know how it is when you're in a hurry, and you don't have time to fix yourself in time for work? Or you need to run somewhere important, and you haven't even taken a bath yet? My red lipstick is my savior to look even just a little bit made up! 

Sometimes, you say that you don't care about what others say. I don't have problems going bare-faced if I just need to go to the grocery store nearby, but when I feel like I look really messed up, red lipstick is my weapon to at least look like a human (even though I'm just wearing a shirt and pajamas, lol). 

I mean, you still care about yourself right? If you look good, then you feel good too. Do it for yourself, and not just for others! :) 

2. Power Planner/Journal Notebook/Pen

In this digital era, you may have probably ditched your notebooks or anything paper, but certainly not in my part of the world. To me, a planner or a journal notebook is a must. Or any cool notebook will do the trick. I have so many at home, and I haven't even used some of them! I keep them for future use. 

If you're a blogger, chances are you know what I mean. Because it's always nice to have something nice to write on - be it your goals, errands, scribbles, reminders, and anything under the sun!

3. Cellphone + internet! 

Yep, they have to go together. I used to have a postpaid plan with unlimited internet connection. Granted that there's a network signal, I'm solved. And I admit, it's darn expensive but consider it my guilty pleasure! I decided to end my plan to save a hefty amount of money monthly. Since I have WiFi at home, I only load up my sim when I need to leave the house, or attend an event. 

4. A headset or earphones

I can never stress this enough. We need music in our lives! I need it on my long travel to the city, and back home. But with or without music, a headset is super helpful! I can even pretend that I haven't heard anything when people around me starts talking Martian. It can muffle outside noise pretty well. Wehehehehe. I know, my bad.

5. Huge bag

Because my life... depends on it. I can only count the number of times when I didn't bring a big bag whenever I'm out and about, with or without Reiko. Every time I try to use a small bag, I always stuff too many things in it so I end up using a big bag instead. I just make sure all my necessities are there, and in my case, it proved to be helpful many times because I live far from the city. I can't afford braving the long travel time just because I forgot something. 

6.  A pair of sunglasses

Trust me, if you live in a country like mine, you'll need this more than ever! How much more if you work at night and go home in the morning (this was back when I was still in the corporate world)?! It's also the best way to conceal the eye bags after hours of work.

These are just some of my super weapons. Relate? No? Care to share your super weapons super mommas? :)

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