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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Saladbox PH

I've always loved my hair ever since I was a kid. I have to say I'm blessed with a naturally healthy hair that's super low-maintenance. It's such an advantage to me because I'm so lazy to even go to a salon for a haircut. And speaking of that, a haircut is the only business I have in a salon. I've never done any hair treatment aside from it. 

I have this straight black hair that I cut from time to time or when I feel good enough to enter a salon. I used to get so anxious whenever having a haircut because I don't want anything bad or something I don't like to happen to it. I still get a little anxious but I guess I'm more capable of handling it now than before. 

Giltbox PH

Quite a lot of people have already asked me what treatments I do to my hair and I just tell them that I never had any. I only apply whatever shampoo is available in the bathroom and voila, done! I only started using a conditioner about 5 years ago, and I don't apply it daily. I also don't comb my hair right away after bath, except when I'm in a hurry to go. 

Aside from shampoo and conditioner, I also apply Vitress Hair Polish. I've been using it since college, and until now that I'm already a wife and a mom. I told myself before that since I couldn't afford makeup, I might as well just make sure my hair is on point. Despite loving my hair, there are also bad hair days, or days when my hair strands simply just don't cooperate. 

Now with Saladbox, I was given the chance to try out their subscription for June, which includes 6 Vitress Hair products, plus another local hair color brand which is Kolours! Just imagine how giddy I was. I love Vitress so much that getting this beauty box made me so excited! Haha! ;) 

Giltbox PH

If you're not familiar with Saladbox yet, here goes. It recently just changed its name to Giltbox, and it's a beauty box subscription service that allows you to discover new beauty and lifestyle products through a subscription platform. It also has a subscription for men. 

With the theme Love Locks, Saladbox partnered with Vitress and Kolours this month to give every Filipina the chance to achieve a gorgeous hair. It's a beauty box dedicated to hair care! 

Saladbox PH

Kolours Dual Hair Conditioning Hair Color

Vitress Hair Polish is best used to tame unmanageable hair - all without the greasy feel. I can really attest to this since I've used it for so long. There are 3 variants to fit your needs. 

1. Strengthening - This will prevent split ends and breakage with its Vita-Strength formula. 
2. Sun Protect - This will protect your hair from the sun with its unique Sun Defense System from the hair damaging UV rays. 
3. Long Lasting Fragrance - This will not only tame your strands, but also give it a long lasting fragrance that will linger throughout the day. 

Vitress Hair Cuticle has 5 variants depending on your hair type. 

1. Classic - This is the original formula, and this is the only cuticle coat that I've tried so far aside from the hair polish. It instantly tames flyaways and frizz in one application, leaving your hair smooth, and shiny. This is perfect for normal hair. 

2. Instant Relax - This one's perfect for wavy hair. It has Vita-Relax technology that helps straighten unruly waves. 

3. Hair Repair - This contains Hydro-Restore System that protects your hair from heat damage. This is best for chemically-damaged hair due to treatments. 

4. Heat Protect - If you have heat-damaged hair, this variant is the best for you. If you're fond of styling your hair using a heat-styling tool, use this hair cuticle to protect your hair. 

5. Solenn Cuticle Coat - Being the celebrity endorser herself, Solenn designed and co-created this hair cuticle to easily tame dry and dull hair. It has a fresh powdery scent that's good for all hair types. 

Vitress Hair Polish

Kolours, on the other hand, is a dual hair-conditioning hair color with 3 variants. I've mentioned earlier that I haven't done any hair treatments - not even hair color. My hair has always been black, and until now I still haven't thought of rocking a colored hair. But if you're adventurous enough when it comes to your hair, take a look at these 3 variants. 

1. Balinese Brown - Golden Brown. The lightest among the 3 shades. 
2. Shanghai Mahogany - Auburn with strong brown undertones. 
3. Thai Tamarind - Dark Brown. The darkest among the 3 variants. 

These hair colors are formulated for Asian hair, thus the variants' names. ;) Compared to Caucasian hair, Asian hair is darker and thicker so it's more difficult for dye to penetrate, but with Kolours, you have the right formula for your Asian hair. 

Kolours Dual Hair Conditioning Hair Color

It's non-drip and cream-based so the application should be easy, plus it assures you of long-lasting color coverage up to 3 months. It's also infused with Vitamins E and B5 so that your hair gets nourished and moisturized as you color. It also comes with an after-treatment conditioner that's enriched with Natural Coco Essence, Vitamin E, and potent ultra-conditioning agents. Your hair gets an ample dose of hydration and moisture. 

Kolours Dual Hair Conditioning Hair Color

Overall, I'm super happy with this subscription. It's really important to take care of our hair not just because it serves as our accessory or crowning glory, but also because it's part of our hygiene and keeping our hair healthy is also keeping our overall well-being healthy. 

For more exciting products, you may subscribe to Saladbox or Giltbox PH. Check out their Facebook too! 

Saladbox PH

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, but I received the Saladbox subscription without charge. All opinions written here are mine, plus my hair care story is really mine too. :) 

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