Lampe Berger Paris: More Than Just A Fragrance

Monday, August 7, 2017

Lamper Berger Paris, Philippines

When I first heard about Lampe Berger (pronunciation is like: lamp-berjey or lamp-burzhay), I didn't know exactly what it is, but it seemed quite interesting. Turns out it's been around for so many decades! Yup. It's a French Brand, and the first product ever invented to purify the air (with over 115 years of innovation). 

I'm very sensitive when it comes to smell so I always prefer light scents. That or no scent at all. I also always want my house to smell good. I mean, who doesn't? But more than that, I want to make sure that I'm still inhaling clean air in a world with so much pollution, and this is especially when you have kids at home. 

Lampe Berger aims to improve the quality of indoor air, and to create a universe where undesirable odors are vanished. The lamp also decorates the home with beautiful designs to complement the decors. It also provides a selection of scents, each with its own aroma and advantages. Best of all, it improves health, and well-being with its array of purifying scents. 

Lamper Berger Paris, Philippines

Yesterday, I was able to attend a blogger event for Lampe Berger Philippines, and that's where I learned so much about it. It's really all about the benefit of purifying indoor air which is why it's tagged more than just a fragrance. The fragrances are just the add-ons, so think: clean air

There are no approved therapeutic claims, but a lot of those who have tried using have reported that Lampe Berger helps soothe common illnesses such as headaches, flu, or asthma. It doesn't, however, claim to kill strong bacteria or germs. It does help purify the air in an enclosed area like your bedroom, for example. 

It has so many designs, and a variety of purifying scents! All are really elegant, plus smell really nice. It's just a matter of preference as to which one you will choose. You will find that it's more on the expensive side, yes. But the lamps are made of quality materials that are all made only in France; consider also the benefits that you will get. 

Lamper Berger Paris, Philippines
 *L'Originelle - Php 5,595.00 

Lamper Berger Paris, Philippines
 *New! Zeline Bordeaux - Php 3,595.00

Lamper Berger Paris, Philippines
*New! Stone Grise - Php 3,595.00

Lamper Berger Paris, Philippines
*New! Diamant Ambre - Php 4,595.00

I REALLY, REALLY LOVE THE LAMP DESIGNS! There are many more of them. They all resemble perfume bottles. The lamps are sold separately from the purifying scents, but they have gift sets that already include both. The packaging also comes with simple instructions on how to use it. 

Lamper Berger Paris, Philippines

They currently have 20 scents - Php 1,795.00 for 1 Liter, and Php 1,195.00 for 500 ml. I was able to use mine last night with the scent Amber from a gift set, and I like that the scent was not distracting at all. You can watch the video here to see how to use it --> Lamper Berger video. ;) 

Lampe Berger will open its second shop in the Philippines, and first in Cebu on August 21, Monday at Ayala Mall. 

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