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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"We worry how our child will be tomorrow, yet we forget they are someone today." This is what stuck to me most from Motherhood & Mindfulness Speaker Michele Alignay as she shared to mommies about self-care. Sometimes we get too pre-occupied with what's going to happen to our children in the future that we forget they are also their own person in the present. 

Instead of worrying, we can try our best to save up for the future, and take care of ourselves so that we can focus on who our child is today. 

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to be invited to a Mom's Day Out courtesy of Sun Life Financial Philippines wherein I, together with some mommies in Cebu, was treated to a relaxing one-hour full body massage at The Spa in Ayala Terraces. Being a work-at-home mom and always facing the computer for work, I always long for back or body massages after a long day's work. 

Who says sitting the whole day is easy? Nahhh. I'd rather move around and be active for most of the day, but ya know, we gotta do what we gotta do to earn money for our self and our family. That full body massage at The Spa was good enough to amp up my day. After that, we headed to Laguna Cafe to listen to two most important things every mom should consider - self-care and finances


As a mom, how many times have we not done what we want to do because of mom guilt? Because there's still house cleaning needed? Or because we're guilty to leave our kids at home with the husband, the parents, or the in-laws? 

The truth is -- there's always going to be house cleaning daily, and there's always going to be a time when we need to leave our kids at home with people we trust. So why not let that mom guilt go, and spend some time for yourself too? 

During the talk, I was reminded of how we, moms, should create and live a life of balanced motherhood. The perception of balance that we always think of is "what you want", "what you think you ought to do", and "what you think you can do." Most of the time, all these three are slumped into your day to day life that at the end of the day, you get too tired to even comb your hair or change your clothes. 

If there's also one thing I've learned through the years, it's that we can't do everything in one day. I usually break down my tasks, and tackle them one at a time. This avoids burn-out, and leaves you time to relax within the day. 

I've also learned about these actions, emotions, and perception to carve our practical self-care. We need not go to expensive trips if we can't yet. We need not purchase expensive things. All we need is a quick time for our self to regroup, and to value our self, and our relationships with people who matter most. 


1. Choose to rest or sleep (over cleaning up). 
2. Give yourself an extra 10 minutes shower. 
3. Put a little color to your face. 
4. Find a spot to reflect. 
5. Find a daily physical activity. 


1. During emotional highs: pause. 
2. Ditch the guilt. 
3. Choose to love more. 
4. Be silly with the kids. 
5. Make your marriage matter. 


1. Affirm your goodness.
2. Release control (of things beyond you). 
3. Saying no is okay (and needed at times). 
4. Feeling happy and satisfied is normal. 
5. Relinquish some tasks that stress you. 

In my case, I'm very blessed to have a husband who always looks after my self-care as a mom, and as an individual. He never once complained whenever I tell him I have a blogger event to go to, or when I need to go on a trip or a night out with friends, or when I just need to leave the house for a change of scenery. He is very supportive of everything I do as long as he knows that it's for my personal welfare, and it's not going to negatively affect our family. 

I think it's very important to find or have a good support system because admit it, we can never do this motherhood thing alone. It's true when they say that it takes a village to raise a child. My mother-in-law, and uncle also live with us in the same compound and they both help in taking care of my son too. 


I have to admit. I haven't saved a thing for my son's education. Even though I have an emergency and life insurance for the family (that I pay monthly), it's still not enough because I know I need money for his college education, for my retirement, and basically for the future. 

In fact, I think a lot of Filipinos just go by the mantra bahala na si Batman, or come what may. Or let's cross the bridge when we get there. Yup, including me. 

During the short talk, Sun Life introduced a product called MyFuture Fund. It is a target date fund that invests primarily in high-quality stocks and a mix of government, and domestic corporate debt. I'm not affiliated with Sun Life in any way, but I'm very open to choices. For more about it, you can watch the TVC here -> Sun Life TVC. Or check their website here - Sun Life Website

I don't usually attend mom talks because I just try to read stuff online, but glad I did with some of my blogger friends. We were all nodding in agreement while listening to the talks. Everybody can relate! It was a Saturday afternoon well-spent. I had so many realizations including this: 

The Cookie Cutter Pain (Hierarchy)

Children and Family
Home Management
Financial Life

So moms, remember that if motherhood, family, and life happened, "re-balancing is a need" (words from our speaker, Michele). When we are properly rested, and we take care of ourselves, we also have more to give to our family.

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