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Thursday, August 31, 2017

ToSave wallets

Hello again! Long time no see. I haven't updated the blog for quite some time because I was busy preparing for my trip, and now I'm back. Every now and then, I receive items from different brands, as well as purchase some on my own. So since I have my favorites, I decided to create a segment for all my favorites every month. 

This post came in at the end of the month because of course, I want to try out the items first so that I can actually say something honest about them. These favorites were perfect for short and long trips this month! Here goes. 

1. Ladies Wallet/Purse Long Handbag/Clutch Box Phone Bag, and Card Holder

This item was sent to me by ToSave, an online e-commerce company offering a range of products from electronics, phone accessories, and bags like this. This bag costs $5.74. Of course, I chose the pink one. It works as a case and protector for your phone, as well as a wallet or clutch bag to keep your cards, and cash. I actually like the built and design, and the many slots you can use. It's so stylish and convenient. It feels durable too, and comes with many different cute colors.

The only worry I have is that the lock doesn't look tight enough, and I'm concerned that it might just burst open any moment. I guess you just have to make sure it's locked properly before holding it freely. 

It can be a little bulky when placed inside your bag, so when you do decide to put it in your bag, you have to have a bigger bag. Nonetheless, it can be carried on its own during short trips, or when you're traveling and want to organize your necessities. 

affordable wallets and clutch bags

affordable wallets and clutch bags

affordable wallets and clutch bags

2. Ladies Clutch Long Purse Leather Wallet Card Holder Handbag Phone Bag

This item is still from ToSave, and I got it in beige color. I'm big on wallets with many compartments, or slots to put my stuff. I like that this wallet is soft and lightweight. I can also easily insert my phone in the zippered compartment whenever I decide not to bring my bag. This costs $2.26.

I mainly use it when going out to do some errands, or when there's no need to bring a huge bag. I just always want my stuff to be put together. It also comes in different cool colors that fit your style. 

affordable wallets and clutch bags

Check more of their products on their website at

3.  Oppo F1s Hard Case 

I so love this! This is the second time I purchased from Personalithings. It's a local brand here in Cebu. You can check them out on Instagram. They come up with new designs every month. This one's for Php 350 or 400 I think. It's durable and stylish, plus interacting with the seller was a breeze. 

phone cases

4. Sunnies Specs and Sunnies Studios Shades

So I finally took the time to have an eye checkup. I knew even before that I should already be wearing specs because I'm already having a hard time reading signs, and recognizing people from afar (which sucks you know). I really just didn't want to wear specs. So I decided that if ever I'd wear specs, they'd have to be nice and stylish. I went for Sunnies. 

I got the entire package for Php 2,999 - that includes eye checkup, frame, lenses, plus screen safe to protect my eyes from too much exposure to blue LED light coming from the computer, and the phone. The screen safe blocks the blue LED light. As you know, my job requires me to be in front of a computer all the time. 

If you decide to skip the screen safe, you only need to pay Php 1,999. And I think if your eye grade is already over 400, there's an additional charge. You can check out the branch in SM City if you're in Cebu. I got mine a day after, since I came in at around 3 PM already, but if you're early, you can get it within the day. 

I chose the Aalto design for a change. :) With my previous reading glasses, my eyes felt trapped, but with this new one, I can say that I have adjusted very quickly. A lot of people like it too! Yay! I'm so thankful because during my recent trip, I didn't have to squint anymore every time I read signs at the airport, bus/MRT stations, and reading the menus at fast food restaurants was so easy! HAHA! 

Sunnies Specs

Okay, the great experience I have with Sunnies Specs is not quite at par with Sunnies Studios shades. I bought it online for Php 499 (plus shipping). It's the Moritz in Rose gradient, and sad to say, it's not that durable. It gives me a headache too when I wear it for a long time. Maybe it's the style or the material. I should have chosen a different design, or should have bought at the store instead so I could try it first.

Suffice to say, it's not really my favorite but I'm just saying it here so that you'll remember to check when you decide to buy. I like the color though, and the cute pouch that came with it. I just felt that it wasn't worth the price. I never got to wear it a lot, because I had to wear my specs anyway especially that I traveled alone most of the time. So I don't know, maybe I'll just look for a better one. :) 

That's about it for this month. I'll post another favorites post for September! Excited to share with you what I got that made my life convenient. Haha! 

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