adj. - a word used to describe individuals who embrace their "flaws" but still know that they're awesome

noun - a person who excels in a particular skill or activity

Hello! This is a fairly new blog. I made quite a few blogs since 2008, and here I am now with yet another one. Growing up, I had a very idealistic way of looking at the world. Everything should be darn perfect. Otherwise, the world will turn upside down, and I'd be such a failure. I looked at success very differently. I thought success is only when I finally become a lawyer (even when I really didn't feel like being one), or success is when I become a millionaire. 

But there was a turning point in my life when everything changed. I no longer found the need to be a lawyer, although I still want to enroll in a post-grad course. I still want to be a millionaire, but I no longer believe that money is the end all, be all of everything. I want to achieve my goals but I also just want a simple and happy life. 

I just want to be a flawsome ninja. Flawsome - because I've learned to embrace my flaws, and ninja - because well, I excel at being flawsome. Haha!

What is Flawsome Ninja? 

It's really just a blog where I want to share the blows and jabs of my crazy, beautiful life. Nothing new and grand. I talk about career, family, and self (empowerment and my musings) pretty much just like a lot of bloggers do. I guess what's special about this blog is that I just want to be me, and pour my personality into it without fear of judgment. 

Maybe you'll like my writing style, maybe you won't. Nonetheless, I welcome anyone as long there's no negativity and hate. I do hope you bring home something insightful after reading a blog post or two. It'd be great! And oh by the way, I throw in some sponsored or paid posts from time to time, because ya know, this motherblogger needs to earn money too. :)

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12 Fast Facts About Me

1. My name is Rea Alducente, 28, and a thriving millennial!
2. I live in Cebu, Philippines but was born and raised in General Santos City.
3. I’m a wife, and a mom of a 6-year old.
4. I graduated from UP with a degree in Communication Arts.
5. I worked as a Lead Trainer in a BPO company for 6 years and 8 months.
6. I'm currently a work-at-home mom, working as a web content creator.
7. I love pizza, potatoes, ice cream, and green tea. 
8. I love good music and good books.
9. I love travel and photography. 
10. Writing is my passion, and the one skill that I'm most confident of.
11. I'm obsessed with quirky planners, and journals. And pens!
12. I don't drink coffee.

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