adj. - a word used to describe individuals who embrace their "flaws" but still know that they're awesome

noun - a person who excels in a particular skill or activity

There's so much expectations in today's society that life kinda gets toxic sometimes. People expect you to behave in a certain way, or expect you to believe what they believe in. But aren't we supposed to do the things that make us happy? As long as we're not hurting anyone along the way? Aren't we supposed to make our own choices, and fight for them? :)

Growing up, I had a very idealistic way of looking at the world. Everything should be darn perfect. Otherwise, the world will turn upside down, and I'd be such a failure. I looked at success very differently. I thought success is only when I finally become a lawyer (even when I really didn't feel like being one), or success is when I become a millionaire. 

But there was a turning point in my life when everything changed. I no longer found the need to be a lawyer, although I still want to enroll in a post-grad course. I still want to be a millionaire, but I no longer believe that money is the end all, be all of everything. I want to achieve my goals but I also just want a simple and happy life. 

I just want to be a flawsome ninja. Flawsome - because I've learned to embrace my flaws, and ninja - because well, I excel at being flawsome. Haha!

What is Flawsome Ninja? 

It's really just a blog where I want to share the blows and jabs of my crazy, beautiful life. Nothing new and grand. I talk about career, family, and self (empowerment and my musings) pretty much just like a lot of bloggers do. I guess what's special about this blog is that I just want to be me, and pour my personality into it without fear of judgment. 

Maybe you'll like my writing style, maybe you won't. Nonetheless, I welcome anyone as long there's no negativity and hate. I do hope you bring home something insightful after reading a blog post or two. It'd be great! And oh by the way, I throw in some sponsored or paid posts from time to time, because ya know, this motherblogger needs to earn money too. :)

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12 Fast Facts About Me

1. My name is Rea Alducente, 28, and a thriving millennial!
2. I live in Cebu, Philippines but was born and raised in General Santos City.
3. I’m a wife, and a mom of a 6-year old.
4. I graduated from UP with a degree in Communication Arts.
5. I worked as a Lead Trainer in a BPO company for 6 years and 8 months.
6. I'm currently a work-at-home mom, working as a web content creator.
7. I love pizza, potatoes, ice cream, and green tea. 
8. I love good music and good books.
9. I love travel and photography. 
10. Writing is my passion, and the one skill that I'm most confident of.
11. I'm obsessed with quirky planners, and journals. And pens!
12. I don't drink coffee.

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